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ISLAM: "Happiness is…feeling protected by your husband." _____________________________ Reposted by Dr. Veronica Lee, DNP (Depew/Buffalo, NY, US)

I really wonder how it will be! Ya Allah make it the best for us! Ameen

Islamic Marriage Quotes for Husband and Wife are About Marriage In Islam with Love, Islamic Wedding is a blessed contract between a man and a woman(Muslim

Short cut to a Blessed Marriage:  Both husband and wife should love Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) MORE THAN THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!

A journey you take as a girl from childhood to finding the love of your life. What you had expected and what you later realize it to be. How you dreamt, and what the reality is to be. A poem which tries to trace the story of every girl.

Marry some deeply interested in the deen.

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Allah is merciful

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May Allah bless all those couples & those who r seeking. In Shaa Allah. Aameen

May Allah bless all those couples & those who r seeking. In Shaa Allah…

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Love for the sake of Allah will never die..

The beauty of nikkah :) the beauty of islam :) The mercy and kindness of Allah :)

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Your Deen and Imaan alone is sufficient for marriage. So fear Allah and chose the right spouse:) May Allah bless us:)