How to Sculpt Creature Hands - Dominic Qwek

MB) Learn how to sculpt creature hands starting from a sphere. Sculpt secondary forms and realistic micro detail using a mixture of alphas, brushes and layers.

The artist let us in on the process behind his creations, which all start off as clay models. Silicone is applied by brush to the clay forms until the film reaches a 1/4-inch thickness. The mold is cut along a set of seams and reattached in a plaster mastermold for rigidity. The bone powder comes from his dog's leftovers, pulverized in the studio and added to the resin and porcelain mixture to create a translucent, off-white coloration.

Studio Visit: John O'Reilly

John O'Reilly Ground up bones and porcelain dust in a series of biological sculptures

shout out to Sam rowan, Adam Baines and Jama Jurabaev who all did ace work on this project.