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kim-xiumin-minseok:  youngbaebae:  crying  nailed it

GD and TOP are amazing :) They are hilarious and not afraid to do funny things on stage

Yes Top. We think so too. LOL | allkpop Meme Center

Yes Top. We think so too. LOL

LOL recommending themselves first and then admitting that they are not normal xD GD what is going on with your hair?

one of the things I like best about Kpop fandom is that nobody seems to be taking themselves too seriously, and everybody seems to be aware of us all being more than a little weird and totally cool with that :D

these made me LOL. ahaha, look at TOP. :P hehehhe i too see no difference.D i'll comfort you .

That K-pop Dork

I wonder what my life was like before Kpop. it seems so long ago but was only 2 years.

TOP in charge of rap...lol

Well SOMEONES goot do it, why not the best rapper ever?) besides Minho and ma twin, of course.