Princes Street Gardens. Edinburgh, Scotland.  ahhhhhh...............just....ahhhhhhhhh.  sigh, we all want that sort of of slice a' heaven.  :)

Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland --- I would just LOVE to see this place in real life! what a dream place to visit.

and-the-distance: “ New Forest national park, in Southern England ”

Exbury Gardens, Exbury, Hampshire, England (change what's on the banks a bit - more wild and natural, but the inverted teardrop water pools/creek segments are perfect)

Devon. Inglaterra

Devon England Thatched cottages and a trickling clear stream. (via Poetic Dwellings) Would love to be next to a stream!

Thatched cottage in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England.

Thatched cottage in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England. I always envisioned a thatched roof on our English-styled-rolled-roof.

lovely....serene, calm, blissfull....Just need an Irish or British hubby to go with it :)

Ancient House, Derbyshire, England photo via sophia. i'd so love to live

CURB APPEAL – Bilbury, Gloucestershire

An old weaver's cottage ib Arlington Row in Bibury, Gloucestershire, South West England, UK. William Morris considered this the most beautiful village in England.