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The Big Cat Nap - Comment and Photo by Stephen Oachs A couple of female lions escaping the mid afternoon heat and bugs snoozing away on a giant eucalyptus brand at Lake Nakuru in Kenya Africa. I’m in.


Funny pictures about Beautiful girl and her pet eagle Thunder. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful girl and her pet eagle Thunder. Also, Beautiful girl and her pet eagle Thunder photos.

So sad

Its Phyllomedusa sauvagii, commonly known as the Waxy Monkey Leaf Frog. They belonging to the subfamily of South and Central American leaf frogs that.

Oriental White-eyes

Oriental white eyes - photo by sijanto nature Great prompt picture

Can you imagine a life without the sun? It is a new tomorrow, a light above human darkness. It is a guide, a gift. It gives life to the trees, which give life to us. We could not breathe without the sun.

GOT FEAR?  GOT ANXIETY?  When you are overcome with fear, timidity, anxiety, or cowardice. Remember what this verse says. It does not come from God. So if you find yourself in one of these conditions. Speak this verse over and over until they are replaced by the POWER, LOVE, & SOUNDNESS OF MIND that God gives instead. Amen.   2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV) For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

The Lion King: "Simba, everything the light touches is yours". A real life photo depicting major similarities to cartoon characters, Simba and Mufasa.

Rawr, mom!  Amur tiger cubs.

The Peoria Zoo welcomed their first Amur Tiger cubs in more than 30 years! The cubs' father, Vaska, was brought in from the Minnesota Zoo last December to breed.

Bull Elk in the morning light

Relaxing In The Morning Light Of Autumn by John De Bord Photography, via ELK