Stephen Oachs A couple of female lions escaping the mid afternoon heat and bugs snoozing away on a giant eucalyptus branch at Lake Nakuru in Kenya Africa. I'm in Africa the month of August teaching two Aperture Academy workshops.

Lions sleep about 21 hours a day so it's cool to see Izu, Mina & Oshana go so wild over their bday treats.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park guests enjoyed the lion's share of excitement as the Park's three African lions celebrated their ninth birthday on Wednesday, compl.

Portrait of a lioness and her two cubs. #lions #family #babyanimals #cute…” #BigCatFamily

Portrait of a lioness and her two cubs. #lions #family #babyanimals #cute…” #BigCatFamily

Leopard (Panthera pardus)

Portrait of an African leopard, panthera pardus, an endangered species. Subject is a captive wildlife rescue.

incensewoman: “ (via Bébé jaguar sur sa branche / Pascale picture on VisualizeUs on imgfave) Just hanging around and being lazy.

Twins-tough love

I love this! I love to bite, its bad. I bite Joe hottie all the time.


Great animal photography - Drinking Leopard reflected in pool - Carlos Leiro has some beautiful pictures - check his boards out!

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We're all individuals....   I'm not.

Beautiful image of a tower of giraffes running wild. I hope to see this in real life one day. Did you know a group of giraffes is called a tower?

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