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Fascinating Trees around the World !!!! (10 Pics) - Part 2 | #top10

Whomping Willow by Roeselien Raimond~ The Netherlands covered in millions of minuscule, magical crystals.

Littleham Churchyard, North Devon

unusual tree in Littleham churchyard, North Devon, England. no tree identity given

Quando a Terra Parece Ser Um Lugar de Sonhos...

Quando a Terra Parece Ser Um Lugar de Sonhos...

Grass trees, Xanthorrea, Australia.

Grass trees, Xanthorrea, Australia (also called black boys)

Esta é uma ótima semana para fazer tudo dar certo! Bom dia!

'Through the golden road,' Shiga, Japan I could drive that road forever

Kokerbome (Quiver Trees) near Clanwilliam. Full Post Source: – jpfrog Related

Kokerbome (Quiver Trees) near Clanwilliam is a town in the Western Cape, South Africa,

Watching the ✯ Olive Tree :: Jerusalem, Israel ✯ The texture here is amazing, I had never seen anything like that before.

Pinner says: Olive Tree, Jerusalem, Israel. Phenomenal to think some of these trees are so old that they would have been standing when Jesus was in Jerusalem.


I am so happy that the acorn is still hanging at the tree! I hope I can take another picture in summer when the leaves are dark green! The same acorn fo. Circle of Life

he Oldest Olive Tree in the World by Lois Berkihiser : Our Beautiful World & Universe

Ancient OLIVE TREE on island of CRETE. 1 of 7 olive trees in the Mediterranean believed 2 b @ least 2 -> yrs old! The Olive Tree of Vouves might b the oldest among them, est. 2 b over years old. & it still produces highly prized olives!