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Alice in Wonderland PhD comic - Cheshire Cat

PHD Comics: Cecilia in Thesisland, Pt. The Cheshire Professor

HA! felt like this through out writing my thesis

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A day in the life of a grad student....this is how I am spending my summer vacation....How many papers can one write in 5 weeks?

A day in the life of a grad student.this is how I am spending my summer vacation.How many papers can one write in 5 weeks?

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Professors are Doctors too. I remember getting comments from Professors that I had no idea what they meant, spending hours thinking about it, then concluding that they probably won't remember making that comment.

“Lol My Thesis” Showcases Painfully Hilarious Attempts to Sum up Years of Academic Work in One Sentence

Advice to Future PhDs from 2 Unusual Graduating PhDs (Updated). This is great advice for PhDs looking to establish a professional presence either in academia or the commercial world. Things, they are achangin'.

phd070811s prayer thesis

PHD Comics: Our Thesis I'm posting this all over the grad school, especially the BITH dept.

Mistakes done by PIs

10 Lab Management Mistakes PIs Won’t Admit to Making