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MUST HAVE. Especially the sweater & socks

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Sup. I'm Astara Hemmings. I'm 17 and I work alone. My secret? I hang out on alley ways looking for those snotty, filthy rich, innocent, little people to walk by. Ok let me explain. I'm a thief. Not just any thief. I'm probably the sneakiest, dirtiest, and smartest thief of my time at least. Once I spot them, of course I hunt them down. I steal all of their precious belongings... Including their lives. Nobody knew I was the one who did anything until one night when I was caught. Escaped that…

DIY Cupcake Holders

"OUTFIT: black beanie, white top, black skinny jeans or leggings (?), black doc martens, acid-washed denim jacket" -the hair matches the beanie.

Sweatshirt with green parka &, Black skinny jeans, Scarf & creepers shoes

17 Ways to Rock Grunge Inspired Sweatshirts

Love this whole outfit

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