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Pokemon Glaceon ice shard

My favourite Pokèmon is Glaceon! But he is not in Pokèmon GO

If Pokémon were superheroes

If Pokémon were superheroes

"If Pokémon were superheroes" Disregard franchise differences in the name of Pokemon! <-- I'm not even educated in the ways of Pokemon but that description. <----- You need Pokemans in ur life.

James from Team Rocket

I am a James fangirl. He's so cute and nice, yet funny! He is the Pokemon master! James and Team Rocket!

Classic Charizard >:3

Classic Charizard...


Pokémemes - Page 3 - Gotta Catch'em All! - pokémon - Cheezburger>> Literally, what if this is all just one big fairytale that the mom is telling and the creators are conveying that?

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Funny pictures about That's true loyalty. Oh, and cool pics about That's true loyalty. Also, That's true loyalty.