.:Ever After High:. Bellona Badwolf by Airinreika

Here it is a comission for It's her Ever After High oc, Belladona Badwolf, if oyu have any questions about this character, please ask her not me.:Ever After High:.

Ever After High FC - Barbara Blue by Ssssock on DeviantArt ADOPTED BY Savannah

Well, I don't sure about Griddie, my another EAH character, but I want to sumbit her. This is Barbara Blue, daughter of the Bluebeard. Ever After High FC - Barbara Blue

bunny lapin by Sakuyamon on deviant

I'm the daughter of the White Rabbit. wait so he has her ,bunny blanc, and then the one with brown and blue highlights.i think the one with the highlighst name is snowline .

An attempt at drawing my girlies in the style of the EAH webisodes <3 Darla Diamond & Theresa Toad are cousins, they are the daughters of the two sisters from the original story 'Diamonds an...

Another EAH commission! This time for the lovely of her beautiful character Minuette Dancer, daughter of the youngest of the Twelve Dancing Princesses I love her design, such pretty colours &.

Team EAH 2 by sparks220stars on DeviantArt

I really like Cupid doll.that i drawed her Cupid from Monster High Oh.pity that i saw her just once in sweet