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I think that this line's mostly filler! What's it gonna take to strike a spark? She came from the grave much graver

I never got over Spike singing. I mean, it's totally disturbing cuz this line kinda implies he wants to turn her, but still- his voice.

Image result for willow bored now

AfterLife is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Spuffy episodes - because of THIS scene as well as the end when Buffy confides about being in Heaven/Enlightenment - knowing she was done . knowing everyone she cared about was okay .

Illyria & Wesley from Angel

Separating truth from illusion - Angel Season Five Fade Away - Little Buffy Things *cries*

Buffy | 6.01 - Bargaining: Part 1

I loved watching how sweet Spike was with Dawn. Dawn was the little sister he never had.

Buffy | 4.08 - Pangs

Post with 2425 votes and 114719 views. You guys need more Buffy in your life