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azuquitar y junkokiiiiiii ♥♥

Suga + V - I love this kid so much. He's always smiling and hugging everyone

V and Suga~ Taëgi~ ❤ BTS PUMA Fansign (170304 my heart is hurting) #BTS #방탄소년단

why does yoongi look like a grandpa and tae a kid like "no, not today v I can't give you a piggyback im tired" xD

I'm not fond of shipping people of the same gender, but i cannot ignore talent

Jimin took a deep before before talking. “I think that um, I might’ve slept with the stripper.” A jikook fanfic that you will absolutely love ❤️ Plus there’s smut and who doesn’t like that?

Jaja, enserio ¿Cómo no amar a estos hombres? ❤

i found rapmonsters old Insta account.YUP still cute as f allkpop Meme Center