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Day Something You'd Like To See In The Next Season: Moriarty do something FABULOUS! already seen the new season *SPOILER* and he comes back and i cannot even wait!

Men of Sherlock. Lestrade, Watson, Moriarty, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

Men of Sherlock. Lestrade, Watson, Moriarty, Sherlock, and Mycroft Holmes. Not the baker street boys I was looking for but still amazing

Moriarty #Sherlock

Which Sherlock Character are you ? I'm Jim Moriarty. ( I always get Jim Moriarty on every Sherlock quiz )

cumberscurls: “So, Who have you seen first? Only 3 days left ! [ originally posted on my ig account, if reposted please give credit.] ” Holy fucking hell, this is amazing!

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