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Florence Mary Anderson

A beautiful illustration by IDA RENTOUL OUTHWAITE from "The Little Green Road to Fairyland" from This children's book was a collaboration between Outhwaite and the literary work of her sister Annie Rentoul. Frog on lily pad and fairy sitting

Fairies, Sprites, and such

Florence Mary Anderson, "Old Mother Bramble caught Fleecywhite's Dress", from the book 'The Password to Fairyland'.

Flower fairies

The Song Of The Stitchwort Fairy, a spring Flower Fairy poem by Cicely Mary Barker in Fairy Rings at

Within you is the Power to Change the World.  Just tap into it, feel it, be the Power of Love. <3 -Mary Long-

One of the most awesome experiences, once you have escaped a narcissistic abuser, is seeing the world in color once again. You really appreciate the smallest things, things that so many take for granted!

The Rose Hip Fairy

Rose Hip Fairy - Cicely Mary Barker - Flower Fairies of the Autumn

The Fairy Orchestra. ~ Cicely Mary Barker ~

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