Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Futuristic City, Feng Zhu Design

Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Futuristic City, Feng Zhu Design


Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Future, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, concept ships: Concept ships by Daryl Mandryk concept art

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CG Futuristic City..i think i already pinned. But i really like it so..

Radoslav Zilinsky’s 2007 artwork “The World” A stunning painting of a possible future (or present depending on how you look at it)… walled cities of techno-utopia surrounded by the rest of the world living in the middle ages.

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Among a City of novelty and technology, there remains an enduring elegance in a forgotten detritus. image by Ian McQue

artissimo:  Digital Art Masters: Volume 6

Let's dive into the universe of Eddie Del Rio, feelance concept artist for Lucas Art, Disney or ILM.

Concept art for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Need some inspiration for the weekend? Check the beautiful concepts art made by Theo Prins, concept artist at ArenaNet See Also on IT'S ART : Guild Wars 2