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Illustrations of Lonely Robots Experiencing The World, Matt Dixon.

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From my new book of robot art, Transmissions Avaiable to pre-order here - http:&

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Lonely Robots Experiencing The Quiet Wonder Of The WorldMy name is Matt Dixon. For over ten years I’ve been making pictures of robots. Exploring the world they inhabit and collecting the art into the.

Guitar Hero by GorosArt (print image)

"Guitar Hero" by Goro Fujita, I love the setting of this piece, the rain and the cast shadow under the robot makes this art.

Illustrations of Lonely Robots Experiencing The World. To see more art and information about Matt Dixon click the image.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Matt Dixon — Transmissions - Robot art by Matt Dix

Pinturas-de-robots-solitarios-contemplando-el-mundo (4)

Wallpapers and Artworks — Lonely Robot Concept Art By Matt Dixon .


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Pinturas-de-robots-solitarios-contemplando-el-mundo (8)

With his Transmissions series, the British illustrator Matt Dixon portrays some adorable little robots into soft and poetic compositions, but tinted with sadness, loneliness and nostalgia.