Peggy by euclase

sevensneakyfoxes: “ euclase: “ Peggy and Cap, drawn in PS, now finished. I was going to make their color palettes match but sort of forgot. ” HOW THE FUCK IS THIS ART?

“// im feeling steve rogers AF today god, he's so dreamy - - - fucked up my shoulder again for the time - - -


Artist Spotlight: Euclase

Peggy Carter

Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Feature Peggy Carter in a Flashback

'Marvel’s: Agent Carter'

Marvel has released the first clip from next Tuesday& Agent Carter, as Peggy takes Jarvis on a mission to steal a corpse. and well, let& just say it& a good thing Jarvis wore his recreation tie!

Peggy Carter from Agent Carter/Captain America/MCU. Loved the opening scene of the series, it was iconic seeing her in the midst of the the drab grey/bl.

This is the best thing ever -- Agent Carter

Agent Carter ~ Seriously cannot get enough of this show right now! :)<<< Really need to start watching it!

Peggy Carter | via Tumblr

Agent Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell in 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Costume Designer: Anna B.