Here's a fantastically cool piece of zombie art created by devia

I don't even care about zombies or The Walking Dead, but this illustration by James Harren is pretty great.

Abe Sapien by James Harren *

Harren's work includes a Right Hook of Doom from Hellboy and Deadpool rocking a gun so large that even Cable thinks that it might be a little excessive.

zn3f48.jpg (1041×1599)

Bprd long death issue 2 splash James Harren is a Brooklyn, NY based artist who has obsessed about comics and manga since grade school. He drew some of the incredible fan characters of BPRD with more monstrous, horrific ideas.

pregnant void aka James harren

pregnant void aka James harren

FIN.    -james-

Rumble from John Arcudi and James Harren is coming soon from Image Comics. It's described as “a scarecrow-Conan fighting in a Louis C. TV show directed by David Fincher,”