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Astasia Uvanov: Sasha's mother was a firm military woman before her untimely passing. She was sent to keep the peace in an area that was contaminated by reactor fallout and took ill.

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She carries a rucksack, cleans her rifle with her battle buddies,wears her combat boots, paints her face for camouflage. She kisses hers goodbye for the year. Don't forget about the women who serve our country and protect our freedom! God bless our


Here Are 12 Countries With The Most Beautiful Female Military Forces In The World

Finland Army | Finnish Military Chicks Gallery

Although Female soldiers is a controversial issue, female soldiers is still allowed in many countries.

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Honour And Respect. A month ago IDF Sergeant Rotem caught and prevented a suicide bomber. Yesterday, at the same checkpoint, she caught a terrorist armed with a knife - and prevented a disaster again. Israel has the right to defend itself