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This would be amazing to walk

Stairs to nowhere in the fog.

You'll find me in the woods...

Eerie walk in the woods

go to nothingness..

go to nothingness..

((Open RP, be him)) I walked down the old dirt road. I see a shadow and move, as you walk by I realize I've seen you before and chase after you. ((Her names is scarlet )

Haunted Woods This reminds me of that movie with Nicole Kidman "The Others". That was creepo creep that movie. If u have not watched it and you like good scary movies, watch it.

кιм уυι ιѕ a qυιeт yeт ѕмarт gιrl, wнo loveѕ ғanтaѕy ѕтorιeѕ.

Just a harmless little walk...

Let your imaginary friend take your inner child on a nice walk today. You never know what joys you might find.Is that the Slender Man? If so, you definitely don't want your kid playing with him.

Foggy woods

Black and White white trees black Black & White dark forest mist goth gothic misty Wood fog castel atmosphere foggy pine trees

Once upon a time, across the water, in a far off land ... Middlegreen, England | by Kevin Day on Flickr / Getty Images

♂ Beautiful nature mist solo tree reflection Once upon a time by Kevin Day- i love how everything is lost and two trees pop out of nowhere- the big one, and its reflection


Chris Dessaigne, The Moss Cathedral

This image reminds me that trees are so full of history.  They must hold so many secrets, hear so many things.  I need to add trees to my list to photograph.

This picture is of a road/pathway surrounded by trees in a foggy mist, this creates a spooky effect and atmosphere.

I love single tree photos...

I love single tree photos.

Child Of The Ancient Forest

A beautiful foggy forest

Ferte In Noctem Animam Meam

Ferte In Noctem Animam Meam

☽ Under the Spell ☪ : Foto

sirens likes darker things

No info, but it reminds me of the Alabama and Florida forests that I'm so fond of.

Foggy Moonlit Forest, Perfect for a stroll into the silence every step guided by the moons light.