Pulp's influence on Sci-Fi - Fantastic Story Quarterly (1951) Bergey - 005

Fantastic Story Quarterly, Summer 1951 (Cover by Earle Bergey)

Ladies In Hades

Dell Books 415 - Frederic Arnold Kummer - Ladies in Hades Frederic Arnold Kummer - Ladies in Hades Dell Books 415 Published 1950 Cover Artist: unknown . perhaps Frederick Smith or S. Jones or Roy Price

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Another cover for Captain Future. I guess the Captain has a robot sidekick. Love the colour here and the way the artist compresses the action into the frame. I hate it when the rocket my lady friend is strapped to starts to fire up.

Space Oddity, Limited Editions at Art.com

Space Science Fiction July 1953 US Pulp SF Magazine digest Lester del Rey Nourse