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Punisher pencil study for my next piece. I wanted to channel a cross between my two favorite Punisher artists, Tim Bradstreet and Goran Parlov. This is for an upcoming painting.

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Frank Castle aka the Punisher

Digital illustration of Garth Ennis’ Punisher Max by Kris Anka. Colors by Hart. yooo hart, as i told you before, this looks supe.

Resultado de imagem para desenhos de o justiçeiro

Resultado de imagem para desenhos de o justiçeiro

the punisher (frank castle / frank castiglione) / wolverine (james howlett / logan) by ardian syaf

Wolverine and Punisher by Ardian Syaf. Art is great, but Logan's left arm is ALL wrong.



The Punisher- justifiable justice? One side solid and shining, gradient darker into sharp and dripping side. Justice he serves to the blood he sheds

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