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Cover art of Flash Gordon no. featuring reproductions and adaptations of older comic strip adventures, published by Harvey Comics, United States, by Alex Raymond.

Propaganda in american comics of WWII

Propaganda in American Comics of WWII

Spy Smasher, an American comic book superhero introduced in beats up Axis leaders on the cover of a 1942 British edition.

Namor, without his memories and haunted by the figure of his father, is injured escaping from...

Sub-Mariner Vol 1 46

Namor desperately attacks Tiger Shark while Llyra keeps an eye on her prisoner, Leonard.

sub marinor | Sub-Mariner Comics Vol 1 2 - Marvel Comics Database

Sub-Mariner Comics Vol 1 2

national comics#1 will Eisner cover.

Uncle Sam, created by Will Eisner, was probably THE patriotic superhero. Introduced in National Comics July, 1940 he immediately began to fight against home grown enemies. He has been a property of DC Comics since