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Sleep, sleep, sleep!

Have an early night, because of a lack of it deprives your body of vital leptin level. Lack of sleep also causes ghrelin levels to rise, which means your appetite is stimulated, so you want more food.


PRODUCTIVE "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle" - Jon Acuff

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I'm feeling it today. ......just plain-ass grumpy. ....

Oh, so you think "Grumpy Cat" is cool? Bitch, please! This cat here has been grumpy (and still is) since Not to mention that he's a childhood favourite of everyone (including me)! Thank you, Jim Davis!

Remember this from Week 1 Question 6? "When you sleep, your brain cells shrink, which allows toxins to be more easily washed away, your brain [also] erases the less important parts of memories and simultaneously strengthens areas that you need or want to remember." by Prof. Oakley

Sleep 'cleans' the brain of toxins

The US team believe the "waste removal system" is one of the fundamental reasons for sleep. Their study, in the journal Science, showed brain cells shrink during sleep to open up the gaps between neurons and allow fluid to wash the brain clean.


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Mensagens de Boas Férias. Tempo de Descansar.