LuAnn Kessi: Sketch Book......Leaf Design 6

The last of the Leaf Designs from my Quilting Sketch Book : These leaves were inspired by .

LuAnn Kessi: Sketch Book.....Leaf Designs 2

More Leaf Designs from my sketch book. This leaf is the same basic shape as the leaves I posted yesterday, but the veins are a different shape: Once you get your basic leaf shape chalked out on

Quilting Sketch Book...Big Leaf Vines

LuAnn Kessi

Big Leaf Vines are always a favorite of mine for large border areas: This is a very basic big leaf vine.

LuAnn Kessi: Sketch Book.....Leaf Designs 4 by Hercio Dias

More Leaf Designs from My Quilting Sketch Book . This leaf has no vein sections.

LuAnn Kessi: Sketch Book......Vine Designs

The 2013 July issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine includes an article about my Quilting Sketch Book 5 Pa.