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Paste paper

Paste paper - colored paste applied to paper, patterns created by twisting pulling tools through the wet paste

Vertical Cities 1, Allison Rae.

Vertical Cities by Allison Rae. This is great, I'm not the only one who's dreamt up a vertical city. Mine was designed on the ocean and called Platinum City. I'll never throw away the sketches.

Ani Castillo

Lovely - the child hugged by a fox or bear? littlechien via viresqueacquiriteundo by Ani Castillo

Mark Making used to create textural patterns; monochrome pattern and surface design

studio in art - value worksheets

value scales.I like this for art journaling cuz i'm sure there's a life lesson within this art lesson

The Hike Guy’s Sierra Trek Journal | Sketches & Jottings

The Hike Guy’s Sierra Trek Journal

alisonborealis: “just-breezy: “ During his trek through the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, Kolby Kirk diligently kept a journal. Read more about Kolby Kirk’s Sierra Trek and see more.

hair ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン • Find ... | for C…

Lion's mane ideas - How to draw Wavy Hair Curly Hair Wavy and wild Straight Shorter clumps - combine this sort of thing together and get a wavy or spiky hair cut. There are also small curls for a short curly hair cut.

how to draw texture

Get students to do this before doing actual prints to practice texture. how to draw texture in etching/ intaglio