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juss cause they older it don't automatically give them the right to not treat u wit respect, respect goes both ways

I've always think bout respect as a thing that goes beyond age, an adult person deserves as much respect as a little kid. Respect people regardless everything else

I'm thankful nonetheless, but using it to hurt your kids/ make them feel bad isn't right :( Child abuse is probably one of the highest things in my list when it comes to things that get to me.

My parents thankfully don't do this to me but I would hate for someone else's to

An interesting point on this. When I see that in media and/or stories it is treated as romantic, sexy, and funny. Not how it actually is: annoying and rude.

Yes, another reason why romantic comedies typically suck. Blatantly trivializing and promoting dismissive behavior towards another's feelings should not merit an affectionate or sexual response. <<< all these tropes just make me sick.


So Many People Should Be Aware Of This

Finally, a pastor that has read the Bible. True Christians are not homophobes, but the reality is that most people in the church are just that "church people" with no idea what the bible says. Only God can judge.

To my future kid

This is the truest thing. The strictest parents create the stealthiest kids.

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English Definition Funny Quote Mouse Pad

Seriously, my kids are going to be really respectful of people's tattoos and pretty much all life choices because judgement isn't their business to pass onto other people

So true they will have respect for everybody no mater their sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability.