DROPS pulovr se samostatným rolákem pletený strukturovým vzorem z příze "Cloud". Velikost: S-XXXL. ~ DROPS Design

Winter Greeting - Knitted DROPS jumper and detachable collar with textured pattern in ”Cloud”. Size: S - XXXL. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

DROPS Pulli in ”Eskimo”. Grösse S bis XXXL. ~ DROPS Design

DROPS jumper in ”Eskimo”. Size S to XXXL.I don't normally post these "Drops" patterns anymore as I find them more difficult than they need to be and end up rewriting them.

Garter Stitch Pullover in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and Kids Silk. Get this free pattern  http://ift.tt/2vmhVoH

Drops - Knitted jumper in garter stitch and rib. Size: S - Piece is worked in DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk and DROPS Kid-Silk. Free pattern by DROPS Design (hva)

Wonderwool Sweater by Wool and the Gang X Good Housekeeping / FREE PATTERN. Use Crazy Sexy Wool!

Grab some Crazy Sexy Wool and some super chunky needles and make the Wonderwool Sweater! The pattern is available completely free of charge, and includes.

Pull DROPS avec point texturé, col cheminée, fentes sur les côtés et côtes, tricoté avec 2 fils ”Brushed Alpaca Silk”. Du S au XXXL. ~ DROPS Design

Fair & Squares - Knitted DROPS jumper with texture, high collar, vent in the sides and rib in 2 strands ”Brushed Alpaca Silk”. Size: S - XXXL. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

Met dit leuke breipatroon kun je een mooie losse coltrui breien in een maat. Dit is het perfecte model voor beginnende truien breisters.

Model / Pattern of Sweater of Woman of Autumn / Winter from KATIA

Czapka Drops z włóczki Eskimo ~ DROPS Design

Basic patterns - Free knitting patterns and crochet patterns by DROPS Design

Settet består av: Kofta med runt ok och flerfärgat norskt mönster, stickad uppifrån och ner. Storlek S - XXXL. Mössa och vantar med flerfärgat norskt mönster. Settet är stickat i DROPS Merino Extra Fine.

The set consists of: Knitted jacket with round yoke and multi-coloured Norwegian pattern, worked top down. Sizes S - XXXL. Hat and mittens with multi-coloured Norwegian pattern. The set is worked in DROPS Merino Extra Fine.