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This is so beautiful. Great idea for family session. Much better than the typical canned shoots.

baby and mama in the mountains

Okay, get ready for a picture overload. I have been waiting SO LONG to get my family portraits done. I fell in love with this photographe.

Adorable photo pose for my baby nephew noah

Cutest Valentine's baby picture idea EVER! ( Could do for G with just a head shot for Valentine's Cards). i neeeeed a baby to do this with!

cute, love, and family image

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"There are some mornings when I'm cutting up my daughter’s grapes into fours after three hours of sleep while the sun is coming up and I’m in a flannel granny moomoo and NPR is on and I’m like, 'Where’s my cigarettes, where’s my naughty Saturday night fling and ripped black lace lingerie and I just wanna call in sick to work and take Klonopin and google all my exes and only eat gummi bears all day.'"

The Glow — Molly Guy

Molly Guy On "The Glow": "Falling in love, becoming a mother and growing up in general has this sort of beautiful 'deal with devil' vibe to it. The amount of wisdom and love you gain is directly proportionate to the vanity and ego you’re willing to lose.