Violet Dahlia ~ so beautiful!

Flower Mandala: Violet Dahlia I - Flower Mandalas. I love dahlias, and I need to find this one and add it to my collection

Peaches and Dreams, image from Swan Island

Peaches and Dreams, from Swan Island Dahlias, 5 beautiful peach flower that blends to a soft yellow in the centre. Not a good tuber maker. - Flower Beds and Gardens

better homes and gardens: Dahlia

The Best Summer Bulbs

Summer Flowers and Bulbs Summer flowers electrify your garden. Summer-blooming flowers offer some of the most spectacular color of the entire year, whether they are late summer flowers, annual summer flowers, or perennial summer flowers.


The red lotus is the symbol of the heart's original nature. It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion, activity and all the qualities of the heart. It is the lotus of Avalokitesvara. (Red Lotus Flower Reflections on Green Background by Bahman Farzad)

There are so many different types of flowers from around the world. This list offers some of the most popular that have their own spectacular features.

163 Beautiful Types of Flowers + A to Z With Pictures

I don't have the best luck with dahilias but I love the colors.

~~Dahlia 'Matchmaker' ~ Fluffy white center with hot pink tips, spectacular garden and cut flower Dahlia Barn

Big Black Bumblebee

Big Black Bumblebee

A heart-shaped vase - so lovely :) Maybe it would help me study for my upcoming anatomy course...

Flower Pump by Veneri Design

This Flower Pump vase by Veneri Design Studio is another interesting anatomical heart piece (remember the Ventricle Vessel and Corezone?