i-love-historical-clothing: gaiters

gaiters 1805 (met museum) The French Marine Gaiters are made from white canvas. It should have a tight weave, but be light enough to be fl.

"steampunk boot gaiters" I definitely need to design and make Erik some gaiters. -CAB

steampunk boot gaiters--for the husband, who doesn't have tall boots yet

корсет из worbla и eva foam  косплей образ Zyra

корсет из worbla и eva foam косплей образ Zyra

This tutorial shows how to make spats or gaiters from two layers of material, self lined, with the top and bottom edges rolled inside.  The pattern shown is the one described in my tutorial, How to Draft a Pattern For Fitted Gaiters, but this method can be used for any spats or gaiters. … Continue reading →

How to draft and make fitted gaiters Fitted Brown Canvas Gaiters, by Sidney Eileen

spat pattern - well, apparently there are no spat patterns on the internetz, you just gotta wing it. srsly. At least this one has a sort of picture. Plus, spats from old pants? cool, why the hell not?