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The safety bicycle gave women unprecedented mobility, contributing to their emancipation in Western nations. As bicycles became safer and cheaper, more women had access to the personal freedom they embodied, and so they came to symbolize the New Woman of the late 19th century, especially in Britain and the US. Bikes in the 1890s also led to a movement for so-called rational dress, which helped liberate women from corsets and  other restrictive garments, substituting the then-shocking…

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Young President Gerald Ford on a bike (probably not his!) babies and bikes! My two favorite things! ! !

President Gerald Ford (on bike) surrounded by cousins in front of Grand Rapids childhood home, Ca Photo courtesy Ford Presidential Library (via Presidents And Bicycles

Burning Man, un festival también para niños

Dusty PlayGround: the Magical Kids and Families of Burning Man Through The Lens of Zipporah Lomax

I want to ride my bicycle

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Stunningly cool girl with a bike.

The lovely Harriett Henderson from Bright Young Twins and her new bike.


Billie Samuels leaving to ride from Sydney to Melbourne, in hopes of breaking the women’s record in 3 days and 7 hours, on a Malvern Star bicycle, 4 July by Sam Hood (via Stunning Vintage Photos of Australian Bike Culture in the Early


Entire Family Bike With Built-In Sewing Machine. Because, ya know.in case one of them falls and rips a whole in their britches. Just bring along the sewing machine & mom can fix it right up on the spot and off they go.

If I could travel by bike with my cat(s) like this I would BE ALL OVER THAT SHIT.

Now this man has style, he is cycling in a tie and has a puppy down his jacket (notice the little black head sticking out the front) and one trusting dog on his back. What a beautiful thing to behold :-)

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Santa Monica 1940s #classic #hairstyle eSalon.com

Susan Peters, Oscar nominated for Random Harvest. Photo: Howie Cohen's Everything Bicycles/Hollywood Rides a Bike

Cycloc wall of bikes. Does the cafe you go to have bike parking?

Have your bike and park it too

wish I had a wall that this would work for. Cycloc wall of bikes. Does the cafe you go to have bike parking?