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Self Watering Tray. Mentions that newspaper can also be used as the wick.

Self Watering Tray - setting up pots to receive water with very little maintenance required.

Terra cotta to spendy for ollas (buried jars that slowly water plants)? Try burying empty milk jugs with holes punched in them. Check out the instructions and reuse those plastic jugs.

TLC Home "Reuse Plastic Milk Jugs to Irrigate Your Garden" - DIY Olla to water your plants

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There are lots of other savings to be made – containers are one. Keep all your empty margarine tubs, yogurt pots, egg boxes, and the .

Peat-free planting mix recipe with coconut coir | Root Simple

Peat-free Planting Mix Recipe With Coconut Coir - good for seed starting: 3 quarts/parts worm castings (store bought, see notes above for homegrown) 8 quarts/parts coir 4 quarts/ parts perlite

Planting an Herb Garden...in a Pot...on my deck

Planting an Herb Garden…in a Pot.

Planting an herb garden in a pot or planter for fresh herbs all summer long.

Picture of How to Grow Large Tomatoes in Containers

How to Grow Large Tomatoes in Containers

This video provides instructions for growing large tomatoes in containers. It isn't so much about constructing, but more about learning key principles that will.

diy: self-watering tray...

Self Watering Tray

Shallow foam polystyrene boxes have good drainage holes and can hold loads of leafy greens when repurposed as a micro garden.

Foam polystyrene boxes are lightweight and easily converted to micro gardens well suited to balconies and small spaces. For more tips, easy DIY tutorials

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It's nice to add some cool container garden ideas in the container vegetable garden. Here are some container gardening tips and creative tips for gardening.

Garden With Cold Frames to Grow More Food - Organic Gardening - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Garden With Cold Frames to Grow More Food - Organic Gardening

Providing a warm and protected space in your garden for spring seeds will allow you to get a head start on your gardening season. Cold frames are the perfect way to control the climate in your nursery beds.

Identifica las enfermedades que pueden tener tus plantas observando el color de sus hojas, y aprende cómo combatirlas.

Cómo identificar qué le pasa a tu planta y cómo solucionarlo

Learn how to rescue plants that are dying with the practical advice and tips in this handy Garden Plants Guide. *Look out Lowe's Clearance Plants!

How to grow an indoor herb garden... lots of links for what herbs do well, how to water, lighting, etc.

How to Grow a Windowsill Herb Garden

Snow peas climbing up a bamboo tepee. Photo: The Micro Gardener More tips @ themicrogardener.com

Snow peas climbing up a bamboo tepee. Photo: The Micro Gardener

Seeds, soil recipe, light, seed-starting containers, DIY grow lights, indoor and outdoor seed starting - it's all here and more!

The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide