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Self Watering Tray. Mentions that newspaper can also be used as the wick.

Self Watering Tray - setting up pots to receive water with very little maintenance required.

Inside-out Self-watering Pot « Strawberry Fields for Breakfast

Inside out self-watering container- great idea for those little pots I don't use, but keep =)

Newspaper Pots for seed starting indoors.

All I want to do is get outside and mess around in my garden.

Idea for 2013 garden: Mini-raised beds along fencing by maria9735

Tips Gardening: Ideas : Mini-raised beds like the herb garden idea! by čaroban trenutak

Secrets of a High Yield Gardening

5 Secrets of a High Yield Gardening

I am itching for spring and am already planning my garden! I just place an order for a variety of organic seeds (kale, cucumber, snap peas, lettuces, spinach and so much more) and can't wait…

Terra cotta to spendy for ollas (buried jars that slowly water plants)? Try burying empty milk jugs with holes punched in them. Check out the instructions and reuse those plastic jugs.

Reuse plastic milk jugs by punching holes in the bottom & burying them in your garden. Fill them up with water to have constant irrigation in your garden.

I made the first version of these cages in 1988 out of cheap wooden boards, and with a little patching, I have used them ever since. With added rungs, the cages also can be used for cucumbers or similar vegetables, or you can add strings and use them for

Learn to Make Folding Tomato Cages - DIY

Here& a design for tall, sturdy wooden tomato cages that fold just like a stepladder for neat and easy storage.

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Vertical garden from old crates. It allows plants to extend upward rather than grow along the surface of the garden.

Jak se také dají pěstovat jahody

Jak se také dají pěstovat jahody

How to grow healthy seedlings -- and avoid stretched-out, spindly, leggy ones.

why vegetable seedlings stretch and get spindly