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Galactus vs Silver Surfer Comic Art

From the farthest corners of space, A Marvel Cosmic Appreciation - Page 58

Giorgio Comolo - Galactus, Silver Surfer color by JeremyColwell on @DeviantArt

Guest Scowler: Galactus & Silver Surfer by Giorgio Comolo & Jeremy Colwell

Giorgio Comolo

Thor Cover Tribute Thor and Galactus (After Kirby) Comic Art

Thor vs. Galactus by Giorgio Comolo

Galactus vs Thor by Giorgio Comolo. - Living life one comic book at a time.

Galactus & Silver Surfer by Giorgio Comolo

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness: Galactus Art by Giorgio Comolo

Don Mangus' "It Only Hurts When I Smirk.": Giorgio Comolo Silver Surfer (after Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott)

Fantastic Four 72 Silver Surfer splash page 6 (after Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott) Comic Art

Galactus - Giorgio Comolo original artwork

A huge thank you to Enrico Salvini for sharing this collection of Galactus artwork by Italian artist, Giorgio Comolo. Giorgio works as a professional advertising illustrator who developed an early …

Galactus vs Darkseid art | Giorgio Comolo original artwork

Italian artist Giorgio Comolo designed what is probably the most bad-ass Galactus vision I’ve ever seen ! Full of details, those artworks are really, really impressive : Giorgio pay a real tr…