Potter's White Hands Cleaner - "Makes Dirty Black Hands As White As Snow" Send the wrong message.

Oh, gee. Black kids could be burnt by cigarettes or eaten off of. How charming.

Racism In 30 Vintage Ads

It's like full court press, white supremacists' campaign to instill a sense of inferiority in Blacks. Cherish your melanin. It's a gift. Don't bleach it away.

searchingforknowledge: “ spacecadet: “ Don’t let Ambi’s re-branding as a pro-black “skin evening” lotion fool you, they have a sordid history.

Racist Advertising | Vintage Racist Advertising

Vintage Racist Advertising

Watermelon: Symbolizing the Supposed Simplicity of Slaves - Sociological Images

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Rare 1929 Black Americana LITTLE PICKANINNIES Book By Ida M. Chubb, vintage photo black child standing by chalkboard, blackboard, in school house,

vintage everyday: The Most Racist Vintage Ads

1967 Rice Council Racist Ad ~ Did You Ever See a Fat Chinese? Public service Ad by the Rice Council of America produced in