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Matter Strategic Design 2011 sketchbook: half-circle die-cut, most pages blank, lovely single signature of uncut yellow pages containing text

Matter Strategic Design 2011 Sketchbook, click through to see the coordinating yellow stripe on the spine.

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An Pierlé : Sander Bullynck

Topographic Calendar by Zeynep Orbay for Land Rover

The Land Rover 2014 is a calendar designed by art director Zeynep Orbay. The topographic map has a different shade for every month of the year and is sure to win over geology and design lovers alike. It’s an ideal desktop calendar for a teacher,.

amazing idea, book broken up by one simple structure and organised into sub sections with different inserts/folds

unique folder booklet printing design - NB: very useful and compact but maybe too much of a bulk?

House by Touch Agency. #branding #design

With several successful projects for the Buzzworks Group under our belts, we created the identity for House, a new family of contemporary cafés, bar and restaurants.

Self Promotion | Packaging are made from metal CD cases from American Digital. Designer's resume, card, and a digital portfolio are placed inside, then cases were wrapped with a label. | Designer: Sean Ball | Image 2 of 7

A series of self promotional items. The project includes metal CD cases, labels, business card design, and resume design. The CDs contain a digital portfolio and the card and resume also fit into the metal case.