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A collection of knockouts, slams, and submissions of the world's greatest sport, plus other cool stuff from the world of martial arts.

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Artemi Panarin kickboxing training with World champion - All of MMA

The Magic Number To Follow Taekwondo At The Olympics

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and was recognized as an Olympic sport in the year Today, taekwondo is practiced in over 200 countries! Be sure to keep your eyes out for some taekwondo action in the next Olympic games!

Spinning kick knockout in 2014 International Taekwon-Do Federation Oceanic Championships.

Spinning kick knockout in 2014 International Taekwon-Do Federation Oceanic Championships.

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Check out this tornado kick knockout Gus Villa just unleashed on his opponent during a tae kwon do tournament this past weekend.

Karate: Ura-Mawashi-Geri (Spinning Hook Kick)

Two karateka throwing Ura-Mawashi-Geri (Spinning Hook Kick) simultaneously, with one landing for a knockout. In the slow-mo, the bald fighter seemed to have thrown it at a shallower angle (almost like a crescent kick) while his opponent threw his.


Judo gifs - martial arts Eclectics Anonymous — You know he’d been dying to try…

hehe. Did I mention that?

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How to propel forward rapidly off of the front leg from Zenkutsu Dachi.

A short clip from an international seminar with Inoue Yoshimi sensei (b. Japanese national team kata coach and legendary head teacher. Here he demonstrates how to relax the hip joint for a stepping kick or punch.

White belt does not equal a UFC fighter.

No doubt. A gold belt took a cheap shot (kick) at me at the last belt test. She didnt enjoy the remainder of our sparring.