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How to Draw Manga

How to Draw Manga by Tim Seelig Paperback Book (English)

PSlenDy的照片 - 微相册

loves chaos and destruction. has a bit of a god complex. isn't exceptionally skilled in anything, but will gladly engage in battles. has no problems killing/playing dirty.

draw the squad meme | Tumblr

[DRAW THE SQUAD] Jam is the one who's face is being pushed into someone's chest, need 5 more OC's XD ((Those with pending requests I will get to soon, please be patient))

"I was an artist, not a weapon...but then, they change people...don't they?!" -Rebecca W.

Project we canon in d major Born in Wenqing Yan is a Chinese artist living and studying in USA. Wenqing was born in Sichuan, China and lived there for 9 years, then she moved to live in America.

Yume Body Language Meme by Reenigrl.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is SUPPOSED to be a meme about body language. somehow it got a little more into the facial reading as well. but What evs I still had fun with it.

Samuel Body Design - Characters & Art - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Sam from Metal gear one of my biggest inspirations for having a ninja character