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Heading to my craft room. if I'm not back in 48 hours, don't alert the police; just bring food and water.

craft room

I just spent the last week arranging my craft room. Now I can get busy crafting n mess it up again!

procraftinating - Google Search

Procraftinating Definition: Working on craft projects when you should be making dinner, doing laundry, chores, weeding the garden, cleaning the house or anything else other than crafting.

I may not always have time to craft, but is sure is nice to have a special place in our house where I can do just that!

I need a bigger craft room for my beads....and my yarn....and my paper ..... and my shells .... and and and

I need a bigger craft room for my beads. And I need a bigger craft room for all my other crafts too!

This is my story...and I am sticking to it. haha

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