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This ^

A moment of silence for all the people we drew halfway down the page to avoid drawing feet <<I never have to do the eye thing but there are days where I just can't draw hands and feet

Tumblr Shenanigans part 12 - ummmm

Tumblr Shenanigans part 12

Beep boop

Or sing The Confrontation with only beep boop and sneep snoop noises👌🏼

xD this us awesome and also something I would do

I literally had to set my phone down so i cd cover my mouth with laughter.gahhh this kid is going places.

I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!^^^^^ That means he has a tumblr account!!!

There's different text post that said if you find someone from tumbler tell them "Iike your shoe laces" and then reply "Thank i stole them from the president!


'staying inside and ignoring people' is in my top 5 leisure activities. I love it so much I do it for a living.