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Superwholock - Photo time! :D

Superwholock - Photo time by ~Star-Jem on deviantART. I love how Sherlock just leaves brilliant<---- I love how Sam is shipping Destiel so hard XD

Oh god...

Actually just all of the SuperWho crossovers. Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real - Supernatural - Doctor Who - Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles


Updated version: first picture is the Twelfth Doctor, second is Patrick Troughton, third is William Hartnell (I'm sorry.) Fourth is Frazer Hines and my OC Thirteenth Doctor/actress Suzie Henderson. Fifth and six stay the same I guess.

Sherlock deduces Dean. (This and the Sam version just made me realize: Dean has no business condemning Sam for demon blood addiction. Maybe being an alcoholic is more socially acceptable, but it's just as much of an addiction, and just as harmful to the people around him.)

What if Sherlock deduced Dean? <<<< Oh I am hurt. I am very much hurt <----- I'm in pain

Aw kawaii   \(//∇//)\

SuperWhoLock XD today was the day, that I can say I am officially in this fandom. I'm obsessed with doctor who, Sherlock, and supernatural now

Loved this the first time I saw it, love it now, and will continue to love it always

Wait do you see how the doctor has a hand on cas's shoulder and he's talking not flirting but dean has a sort of squint and a protective hand on cas's arm clutching him.Sorry, wrong year?

AU where the Winchesters are Time Lords. <~~~ I neeeeeeed this to be a thing.

AU where the Winchesters are Time Lords. <~~~ I neeeeeeed this to be a thing.>> yes and they can meet the doctor and sherlock and go on adventures also it explains how they aren't dead