D: wow S: yeah wow, she's pretty good. What are you talking about, she's amazing.

That would be me! My two favourite things: Jensen and cars

(Be Dean) I wash the impala in my bikini since it was summer and hot. I smile as I wash the car, knowing Dean was watching. I had decided to wash the car without telling anyone (credit: Bahr )

Jensen Ackles and The F*cking Hairnet. I mean, the man looks good in The F*cking Hairnet!!!

This scene with Jensen wearing a hair net -- Such A Crack Up!

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

why is 6 afraid of because 7 is a prime number and prime numbers can be intimidating, That time that Castiel perfectly explained my entire relationship with mathematics in one sentence.

Heck yes <3

Lol those charters are what made me pin this. Look at the last stick figure.

"Dean talk to me." He wanted to grab my hand. I could tell by the way his hand kept twitching, but he was hesitant. Like he was afraid he'd hurt me. He explained how he tortured people. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into me and hugged him tight. He buried his face in my shoulder and his arms were around my back. I felt his shoulders shaking. I stroked the back of his hair trying not to break down myself, "Dean, I don't care what happened. I know you'd never hurt me I love you."

It turns out that you had actually died while he was gone and he actually did torture you but you were afraid to tell gim(sorry if this is in it I didn't read all do it)

Really sad.  He's lost everyone he ever cared about to it...

Then y/n yells "you won't" dean falls on the floor cry because he's lost so much and you sit there wrapped up in his arms and cry for a while with him because you both have lost so much