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A very accurate description of Supernatual Fandom

supernatural, harry potter, sherlock and the doctor. I found a liquor store and I drank it

Too true...

I tortured souls just to try it. I hope my boyfriend don't mind it. - Why is our fandom like this.

Life on leave from work...

There's always a way to work Supernatural into a conversation. ALWAYS <<<<<< I don't even watch Supernatural, but this is me every day! Love it!

Yeah, and then I get sad and whisper, "you have no idea what's coming, you poor bastards." | SPN

I'm currently rewatching season 1 with my roommate, who's never seen it before…

"Dean's already playing that drinking game."

oh wow that hurts "New drinking game: drink everytime Dean says 'I'm fine'. / Dean's already playing that game." Ouch, right in the feels

Gabriel putting Joseph in hiS DAMN PLACE

We just need a Christmas episode that's separate from regular season canon with Gabriel telling the Christmas story to the audience- YEEEESSSSSS PETITION THIS

Death is irrelevant when you watch Supernatural || So accurate, we almost wouldn't be able to joke about it.... almost

This is awesome but just one thing, that second to last comment needs correcting;

@jillybean81201 This could not be more accurate. Holy balls.

None of my friends will join the Supernatural fandom :'( I have no real friends!