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A very accurate description of Supernatual Fandom

supernatural, harry potter, sherlock and the doctor hahaha I found a liquor store and drank it!

Devil's trap skirt

This is necessary. You never know when you will need to rip off your skirt and use it to trap a demon. never mind you can just trap Dean the demon INSIDE of your skirt.

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Ben Edlund is my hero! For this and of course for turning Angel into a wee little puppet man.

They have a GIF for death and pizza: | Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything

Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything

I love that death enjoys his pizza. Supernatural has a gif/image for everything

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Lol, don't try to insult the supernatural trolls

We will ruin your "cool" or "ranty" text posts! Everytime you post something like that, you are ASKING for us to annoy you! When will you learn?

We don't know what cas wants, although I think he wants a family. Which are what Sam and Dean are for him.

These are the few angels loved by the fandom (although Anna annoyed me quite a bit when she wanted to kill Mary ). My favorites are Cas, Gabriel, and Balthazar in no particular order

Learn to write in Enochian.

Now I can finally graffiti walls with the correct spelling of "You breed with the mouth of a goat"! Knowing how to write in Enochian = Life complete

What happened to these kids

Jesse, Jacob, Kate, and Adam What even happened to the so-called "Anti-Christ" kid, do they even care anymore?

It's over for me. It doesn't have to be for you.

Supernatural poems - so touching, especially Bobby's.)>>> Bobby's poem speaks to me on an emotional level


Yup the noise I made when viewing this wasn't natural either and now my cousins are looking at me weirdly<<<<my family's doing the same thing omfg

I think we all know why dark!dean is making a comeback...

I was offended too cause I was wearing one of my plaid flannel shirts and my dad looked over at me and said "you're a villain"