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Didn't know if to pin on Doctor Who or Harry Potter... Pinned on both!

Brilliant tag. (Potter/Who Crossover)

Harry Potter + Doctor Who


"Moisturize me." Best thing ever! The basilisk is compared to Kassandra, aka the bitchy trampoline, aka "the last human."<< and here are the whovians comparing a 200 ft snake to a bitchy trampoline" DYING

Even though David Tennant was in Harry Potter before DW. but still XD<< time travel duh

harry potter tumblr----too damn funny <<< I'm a Harry Potter fan but it's not my only fandom.  The demigod in me does not like to see dam spelt that way.

Under the staircase :),steven moffat,harry potter,doctor who,sherlock

Nigahiga everyone!

Me as a surgeon/doctor

Before he was Kilgrave, David Tennant was Barty Crouch Jr. #harrypotter

Before he was Kilgrave, David Tennant was Barty Crouch Jr. (It's not Doctor Who! His name is the Doctor!

Wholock On Tumblr (100Th Post!)

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

Oh my ducking god 😍


Lazarus experiment Doctor learns about his actual identity, science geek

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Harry Potter meets Doctor Who.

Thomas, lil shit, thomas and spoderman

Doctor Who and Harry Potter

Doctor Who Harry Potter - Albus Dumbledore and the Doctor - Knitting Club

I quite like this, but I defy you to tell me in what way Rory Williams-Pond, Rory the Roman, Roranicus Pondicus, the boy who waited, the man who punched Hitler and put him in a cupboard, is a Hufflepuff and not a Gryffindor!

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Characters from Merlin, Doctor Who, and Sherlock sorted into Hogwarts houses ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.i miss Merlin & Sherlock & I'm ready for the next season of Doctor Who to hurry up & get here!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vs. Suicide Squad

Guardians of the Galaxy Vs. Suicide Squad<<<guardians of the galaxy is better

Wait till you read book seven, oh I cried. Wait till you see movie four, I was in it lol Doctor Who and Harry Potter

I apologize for the language but this is so true sometimes.

Rory is tired of his son-in-law's, the whiny teenager.

Parting of the Ways

"Awful things happen to wizards who meddle with time." ~ Doctor Who & Harry Potter!