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Gothic equestrian armor for rider & horse, South German, circa 1480. Rider's armor composed of original & modern parts; horse's bard is homogeneous with an associated saddle, circa 1510. Detail of rider's backplate, which is original & of high quality and does not correspond to the breastplate.

Extant Century German Gothic Armour [added] The design of the cantle of the saddle is quite interesting.

Large Compilation--Armor/Armour, mostly 13th-16th Century Gothic and Italian Made

금속의상모음08 : 네이버 카페

Knife Chris McCarthy The most badass helmet ever craftedChris McCarthyDescription of a katana sword, a weapon that plays a part in my SIGN OF THE DRAGON,

Knight in shining armor . I think I'd rather have a Knight in UNshiny armor cause that would mean he was a fighter & I'd want him to fight for me when/if the moment came.

This perfect image of a knight kneeling down bearing the holy cross perfectly represents the type of society present during the middle ages and the Canterbury Tales.

How to do lamellar leather armor

I promised it to many people over the last year: here it is ! A short tutorial on how I made may boiled leather scale armour. - Do not hesitate to ask i.

Modern remake of a Spanish Medieval Knight Jousting Suit of Armour of the Century by Marto of Toledo Spain