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Star War Prequel Style Guide: Jango Fett Created by Design Force


Boba Fett - Star Wars, he was the best bounty hunter ever! not to mention he never used a lightsaber but yet he defeated so many jedi and sith.

www.thehiphophead.net. Love me some Boba Fett!!!

Awesome artworks of the greatest bounty hunter and the coolest character in the Star Wars Saga - Boba Fett.

space buddies have the best adventures

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Boba Fett

Boba Fett with a lightsaber? Originally this image was the cover of the Dark Horse comic book, Boba Fett - Man With A Mission. Deviant art user, Eruantien-Fett, decided it wasn’t bad-ass enough so they photoshopped a lightsaber into his hands.

by TereseNielsen – 24 фотографии

Star Wars: General Grievous Artwork by TereseNielsen (original designer of this art for Lucas films)

Boba Fett Unleashed

Disney, If you have any business sense at all about what to do with the Starwars franchise, make a Boba Fett movie.