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19 Days - 1.00 por Aka Tenshi no Fansub

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19 Days 143 Page 3 - THIS HURTS SO BADLY Q-Q These recent chapters have been hurting my heart D:

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(Open RP need her Sawyer. His name is Aerick.) "Come on please take it off." I whimper. How could she do this to me? "Alright hold still." I walk over to her and instead of taking it off she jumps in the saddle. "No, stop please!" I paw my front hooves nervously.

(Open RP need her." I whined to my owner. It was scary to have the saddle on! I neighed and and pawed at the ground before running around wildly trying to escape.

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19 Days 1 Page 14

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I always think this.

My box is inside a bigger box. A very large lizard lives in the bigger box. And he does something very strange. Twice a day he sheds his skin and he saves it so he can put it back on later.

19 days

19 Days - 2.00 por Aka Tenshi no Fansub

19 Days 19 Days manga, Read 19 Days 1 chapter, 19 Days 1 Page 24