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Bubblegum by blargberries

- PB: "What did I just tell you NOT to do." Marceline: "I didn't think you were serious! UGH" - imagine if marceline kept falling asleep and getting st.

If Bubblegum meets Teeny Marceline - i guess you can say that bubblegum got a hold of those memory powders and used it on marcelines memories and ta da this happens lolololol–Curryuku >>> or she went back in time!

"Guys? We really want to hang out alone" "We are alone...just the four of us" | Bubbline | Princess Bubblegum | Marceline Abadeer | Adventure Time

just the four of us" Tags: Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Bonnibel Bonnie PB Marceline Abadeer Marcy Vampire Queen Bubbline Braco Ash

Marshall lee and Prince Gumball really just like the expression in the first pic and this style has gotten so popular

Adventure Of Prince Bubble Gum Marshall Lee.im laughing a lot harder than i should be!