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A History of the Art of Magic by T.T. Timayenis

moika-palace: “cryptoscience: “ oh my goodness it’s a Czech devil look at that hoofed left foot only hej sexy.

Floréïne (Cosmetics) 1910 Devil, Georges Leonnec

Georges Léonnec – Floréïne, Clear example of monogram cartouche with signature tail.

("I have the keys of hell and of death." - Revelation 1:18) The pope was god’s representative here on earth or god on earth, The pope’s authority was absolute; synods were summoned merely to carry out his orders; bishops, archbishops, and even patriarchs were bound to him in loyalty and obedience. — ("You will suffer under constant  oppression and harsh treatment." - Deuteronomy 28:33)

Various vintage Devil (and Krampus) related postcards compiled by Monte Beauchamp in the book Devilish Greetings

Exhiben su minuciosa belleza en códices y pliegos de pergamino y papel. Permanecer encerrados en monasterios y palacios ha permitido a buena parte de los manuscritos iluminados de la Edad Media y del Renacimiento conservar en un asombroso estado los colores y las escenas al completo. Comenzaron siendo obra exclusiva de los monjes, pero con ...

Unclean spirits issuing from the mouths of False prophets (Revelation Queen Mary Apocalypse, century, London. British Library, Royal MS 19 B XV fol.