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Happy Dragonfly Thursday !!!

We all beings are made of the same energy & substance either matter or antimatter, therefore we respect life in all its disguises. Don't support animal killing for meat & pollution, go vegan & green 4 all, NinaOhman

Skimmer Dragonfly. Lovely wing markings and in search of a board of its own.

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Twelve-spot Skimmer Dragonfly - resting on red clover flower on cool morning - believed

Color is an integral part of our amazing world, not just for humans, but for many creatures in the animal kingdom.

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The colour combination of this dragonfly is something different alltogether. The sun shining on the wings and body just emphasises it . I think it is a male Trithemis Aurora Taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens: Dragon Flies, Bugs, Color, Dragonfly, Red

Beautiful Dragonfly

Beautiful Dragonfly

Don't Tell No Lies!

Don't Tell No Lies!